Katie Wineland, Manager, Business Operations

“Highline Sciences has offered me the opportunity to truly enjoy my work every day. It is amazing to be a part of an organization that values me and my potential. From an operational perspective, it is easy to see the positive impact we are having on the industry by the number of employee and client referrals that we receive!”

Erin Parker, Vice President, Pharmacovigilance

“The culture at Highline is awesome; it’s an adjustment from the high pressure CRO world that I’ve been used to and is a welcome and refreshing change. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of an organization that visibly practices its’ values such as striving to be different, relying on everyone to ask “why,” and encouraging staff to bring ideas and alternative solutions to the table vs. just using them as a tagline. I find myself looking forward to the workday, something I haven’t felt in a very long time.”

Cheryl Gimbel, Sr. Clinical Trial Lead

“After being an independent contractor for over 20 years, I chose to become a full-time employee with Highline Sciences. I decided to make the switch due to the people, the work culture being cultivated and the unique approach working in the industry. We have an amazing team and everyone contributes to the success of all of our projects.”

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