We are passionate about accelerating discoveries from the lab to the patients who need them.

Focus On Oncology

Highline Sciences designs specialty teams who average decades of oncology clinical trial experience. Our team thoroughly understands your specific goals, what it takes to meet all regulatory requirements, and are as committed as you are to the results.

Trial Designs

Phases I-III

Orphan Designation

First in Human

Modern Trial
Designs: Basket,
Umbrella, etc.

Biomarker &

Fast Track,

Virtual/Hybrid Trials

Dose Escalation &

Adaptive Trials

Phases of Research

Early development is different: fast-moving, adaptive and complex. Your CRO partner should have the expertise and flexibility required.

We recognize that early phase studies need scalable solutions to maximize efficiency, while supporting critical study goals such as dose-finding and signal detection. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design an approach that best fits the needs of the study and your company.  


We meet you where you are. providing the services that you need in a flexible model with processes and resources fit for purpose and the ability to adapt quickly in the nature of early phase.


We help you to scale your trial costs appropriately from resource allocation to identifying phase appropriate vendors/services.


The complexities of early-phase research require a project team with strategic thinkers in each role. Our teams are experts at designing and executing dose-escalation and expansion trial designs.

Late phase clinical trials require the translation of lessons-learned from earlier trials into plans and processes that can be scaled effectively. The challenge is scaling the team with high-caliber, inspired team members who recognize new risks and bring solutions to the table.

Our model brings together functional and regional expertise, based on core-competencies, to enable strategy and execution that results in measurable improvement to enrollment and data deliverables.

Proactive Study Management

Leadership who understands the big picture, believes in active vs. passive management and how to add value to your team.

Strong Site Relationships

Professionally-mature, expert oncology monitors and decades of experience and established positive and supportive site relationships.

Fast & Clean Data

The right strategy, team, sites and communication will significantly compress timelines.

“Highline consistently demonstrates their expertise and their sincere investment in the success of the study.

They have made my life easier as I have complete trust that the studies are in more than capable hands.”
—Oncology Biotech